Wisdom of the Waning Moon

At the Full Moon we luxuriated in the power of our creative manifestation and celebrated the ripeness of what we seeded and nurtured throughout the first part of the month. Many women identify with this phase of the Moon because of its creative magnetism and fullness. But how many of us were ever taught to follow the wisdom of the Waning Moon?

Following the wisdom of the Waning Moon is a lost art and yet it is an essential part of our creative journey as women. The Waning Moon is an invitation to enter into a holy interval of reflection, self-assessment, and course correction. It is a time of looking within so that we might see more clearly how to navigate in the coming month.

Some of us are tempted to skip this part of the lunar cycle because we are still on a creative high and want to keep following the flow we experienced in the waxing and full periods of the Moon. When we follow the natural rhythms of Nature and tap into cosmic energies it feels as though we can sustain this high level of creative manifestation forever.

But it is a lie.

Like the Moon, we have intervals and periods of creativity that take us from utter fallowness and darkness through to fullness and radiance. And like the Moon, we too must learn the art of waning if we are to sustain the creative rhythm we are meant to embody each month.

Ironically it is by the waning light of the Moon that we can see our soul’s compass most clearly. The Waning Moon is a quiet summons to intentionally slow down. It is an invitation to reflect on our journey and to soul-centrically course correct by asking ourselves some potent questions:

  • What situations and circumstances no longer seem life-giving or appropriate?
  • What relationships need nurturing, restoring, or ending?
  • What behaviors, attitudes, and habits are blocking your full creative growth?
  • What do you need to let go of or prune back?

In the nature-based concept called The Year of the Soul, Autumn is the season that supports this depth of soul-centric realignment on a yearly basis.   If we created an annual ritual each Autumn, in which we asked ourselves these life-altering questions, then each month the Waning Moon would support us in staying True North. Year by year and month by month we would find our lives becoming more authentic and creative as we age. I suspect entering menopause would be a very different experience than most modern women have in our anti-nature, anti-aging culture.

Next week is the Winter Solstice when we enter a different phase of The Year of the Soul with its own glorious attending tasks. Before we leave the realigning power of Autumn and the Waning Moon behind, consider taking an hour, a day, or more to prune back what doesn’t belong, let go of what no longer serves, and course correct according to your soul’s compass. Winter deserves no less.


Edveeje is the Director of Operations for TreeSisters.  She lives off-grid on ten acres of raw mountain land in the Mother Forest of Southern Appalachia where she is passionate about the power of place and how our relationship to Nature can infuse, inspire, and call forth, not only our souls, but our part in the Great Turning.   

The Wisdom of La Luna

The time just before, during, and just after the New Moon is a time of “seeding” as opposed to “making plans and taking action.” The period teaches us the art of honoring, containing, and holding our dreams in dark stillness. It is not yet time for creating plans and strategies. We learn to wait, vision, and dream.

Like a pregnant woman, for the first week between the New and Full Moon we are gestating our intentions. Our role is be the container in which our dreams are nurtured, fed, loved, and protected.

For the second week between New and Full Moon we actively shift our attention from containment and nurturing to the growth and development of what we seeded at New Moon.

If we are tapping into the Moon’s waxing energy, we’re able to channel our creative energies with full power and intention. The closer we come to the Full Moon the more we see those intentions shoot above ground level and into full sunlight.

The Full Moon is a time of manifestation and things finally coming above ground. This is where I believe many women will be tempted to disconnect from the Wisdom of La Luna. We are in full swing, momentum carrying us forward and things are manifesting. Our creative juices are flowing and our natural response is to want to keep creating and generating.

But at the Full Moon the Wisdom of La Luna is telling us to gear down, wrap things up, and celebrate. Two potent weeks of visioning, gestation, and creating are enough. We are enough; even or especially if we think not enough things were manifested in that month’s creative cycle.

The Full Moon tells us that whatever has come topside is to be celebrated in gratitude. It asks us to trust that whatever has come to fruition is perfect and more than enough. We must not keep driving our creative energies forward.

This is a time in which we can joyfully experience a fuller range of our emotions, as well as the height of our physic and intuitive powers. It is a time to express ourselves more fully and revel in our heightened energy; but not so that we can do more. The Full Moon is a celebration of being in which we cease from all our doing.

This is counterintuitive in our modern culture and I believe this addiction to doing more and working longer and harder, this addiction to unlimited growth and constant development, is what has our world severely off-kilter. If only more of us understood and embodied the Wisdom of La Luna.

The Full Moon’s wisdom is at the core of the TreeSisters’ Map of Five Choices. We believe deeply in the need for all of us to slow down enough that we can reconnect to and celebrate one another, deepen our intimacy with the natural world, and then ground all of our actions from that sacred place of being.

This is also why we offer the Full Moon Body Meditation calls each month. This Saturday we gather again for our Full Moon deepening together. This call is about drawing back our energies from all our ‘doing’, to feel what it’s like to really give our energy fully to ourselves.

The call is entitled Deepening into Rest, and it will be a beautiful moment to receive yourself as we head into the Christmas surge. It is on December 6th at 9:00am PST, 12pm EST, 5pm UK.

 Attend by Phone:  Guest pin code: 359662#  Primary US dial in number: (425) 440-5100  Secondary US dial in number: (347) 464-3150  Full list of LOCAL dial in Numbers: http://InstantTeleseminar.com/Local/?eventid=62525892  Attend by Web:  http://InstantTeleseminar.com/?eventid=62525892

As the Moon waxes to full over the next 24 hours, I remind myself there is wisdom in following La Luna. I can trust what I’ve done this month is enough and that who I am is more than enough. Each time I look up through the forest canopy at the radiance of the Full Moon, I know it is La Luna reminding me of my own brilliance and that now is the time to celebrate and dance in gratitude for what has been birthed. I am enough. And so are you.

Edveeje is the Director of Operations for TreeSisters.  She lives off-grid on ten acres of raw mountain land in the Mother Forest of Southern Appalachia where she is passionate about the power of place and how our relationship to Nature can infuse, inspire, and call forth, not only our souls, but our part in the Great Turning.   


Guest Post by Alyson Collom, Director of Operations at Encanto Jewels

When I first started working at Encanto Jewels, a small business dedicated to preserving the Colombian rainforest through sustainable and fair trade business practices, I had no business experience, had lived most of my life in a small town in Northern California and was the type of woman I thought society wanted me to be: contained, polite and passive.  And I knew very little about the Colombian Rainforest.

Working with a Colombian entrepreneur was a new experience for me. Monica is fiery, creative and passionate.  Instead of creating the usual work environment where one is expected to leave personal problems at the door and do what they are told, she believes that our personal lives are not separate from work and that in order to be successful in life, and in business, we need to create a positive, supportive environment at work.  She also believes in creating a space that encourages employees to learn new things, ask questions, state opinions and grow together.

At first it felt strange to find my footing in such a feminine work environment.  But as Encanto continued to invest in my business growth, I started to see a new person emerge from under the shadows.  It was someone I hardly recognized because I had only seen glimpses of her, but there she was:  knowledgeable, assertive and empowered.

Over the years, I have become so much stronger in myself and as a woman, which has allowed me to see the incredible power of creating spaces for people in their work where they matter and where profit isn’t the most important goal.

Currently I work as Manager of Operations at Encanto where we specialize in selling high-quality jewelry that is made from a seed called Tagua.  What makes this jewelry unique is the fact that it comes from a renewable resource.  Tagua grows on palm-like trees in the rainforests of South America – ours specifically from Colombia.  

We work with a family-owned workshop there that Monica found immediately after making the decision to start the business.   The environment in the workshop is as beautiful as it is nurturing.  The Misrachi family treats their employees more than fairly – they are paid well, given benefits, paid vacation, retirement, and parties to celebrate events.  It is an indescribable feeling to work for a company and with a workshop that treat each other so well.

Samirna y Monica2

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter Campaign, Monica and I are traveling to Colombia this December to study the effect that we are having on the people there and the rainforest environment.  Because the seeds are harvested in such a way that brings no harm to the tree, its cultivation has made it so these areas are protected from the rapid deforestation that is happening to our rainforest land.  We want to make a documentary that studies more in detail the effects this is truly having on the land and also to interview the people who are working at our workshop and who harvest the Tagua to hear their stories.


This trip will be a first for me – it will be my first time visiting Colombia, my first time meeting all the people I have been working with so closely over the last 4 years, and it will be my first time taking a major step toward something I truly believe in and have put a lot of myself into.  For most of my life I never knew that I personally could accomplish so much or even cultivate a dream to work toward.  This was another gift that Monica has given me.  And one I would love to pay forward by showing people that even things we consider to be small (like creating an authentic work space or purchasing something that is Fair Trade) have a big impact.  I will be forever grateful to Encanto, Monica, and the Colombian rainforest for providing such a life changing experience.




Guest post by Alana Lea, Founder of the iGive Trees Project

In 2008 I took my daughter back to the Brazilian rainforest where I was born. But what I didn’t know when we arrived, was that it had been slashed and burned during my lifetime away. It’s 93% gone now. So with that discovery was born a business: Rainforest ECO Enterprises, created to bring awareness and funding to restore the Brazilian rainforest. The business rapidly evolved to focus upon the iGive Trees project, crowdfunding the reforestation degraded land, by buying trees from small growers, then giving them to a small NGOs who would oversee their planting and maintenance by subsistance farm families.

image002I discovered a hidden trail of secrets, as I learned how and why, it had disappeared so rapidly. And, why it still does.

image003I met an older man (in the picture above), who had helped to cut the forest down in his youth, to make way for coffee plantations. But until recently he helped to harvest seeds from the mother trees of the forest, to help bring it back to life.

image004My journey wound its way through several small towns between the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, that were surrounded by uniformly shaped fake forests. I eventually learned that they are GM forests, for paper pulp exports.

image005And now, while there is not yet a happy ending to this story, there is still the possibility for us to engage with this community, who has just suffered the worst drought of the century. Of the nearly 6,000 trees we were able to plant, many suffer now because of the drought. And, our favorite small nursery went out of business last year when thousands of trees died of thirst.

image006Your support of our 2014 IndieGoGo campaign, running between December 1-10, will help us tell the story to the world through the early release of the “I Just Want A Rainforest” book, while we raise some additional funds for the care of the trees we’ve already planted. And, there are many gifts that have been given to us to share with supporters of the campaign, on any level. Please come see!

Thank you so much for giving our children, a rain forest.


image002 (1)

Alana Lea is a Brazilian American social entrepreneur, botanical artist and author of several books. Her newest book is the photographic documentary, “I Just Want A Rainforest.” She is also the founder of the iGive Trees project, helping a rural Brazilian community to replant 6,000 trees in the Atlantic Rainforest, which is 93% gone.


November 28, 2014 First Quarter Post

Questions are like the North Star in their ability to inspire and guide our journey.  In fact, our lives are a mirror reflection of the quality of questions we ask ourselves (rather than the answers we find):

What dreams and visions did you seed for this month’s adventure following the wisdom of La Luna?  What are you most longing for and in what ways can you more fully align yourself with the joy, beauty, and creativity that makes life worth living?  

Those questions were the bonfire that lit the New Moon’s dark sky for me this month as I embarked on a journey following the creative energy of the lunar month.  Last weekend I journaled about my intentions for the month and identified four particular things I wanted to seed and nurture over the unfolding month and then put that list somewhere I would see it often.

The entire week was an exquisite foray into the nature of “seeding” as opposed to “making plans and taking action.”  When we plant a seed in the rich moist soil the Earth gently contains and holds the seed until the conditions are right for its unfolding and the time is ripe for its growth.

And so the first week of lunar wisdom teaches us the art of honoring, containing, and holding our dreams in dark stillness.  It is not yet time for creating plans and strategies.  We learn to wait, vision, and dream.

Until the Moon begins to wax. 

In Nature, fruit, seeds and foliage develop under a waxing Moon.  Why would our dreams, goals and visions be any different?  Like a pregnant woman, for the two weeks between the New and Full Moon we are gestating our intentions.  We can feel them coming to life and moving within our psychic womb.

These intentions directly influence our choices and decisions because we are focused on nurturing them to fullness, but it is primarily a time of intense inner activity that will eventually organically unfold in our outer world.

The seeds of intention we planted are taking shape and form, but they have not yet emerged into the world.  I refer to what we do during this phase of psychic pregnancy as “presencing.”

During this week’s 1st Quarter Moon phase, our role is be the container in which our dreams are nurtured, fed, loved, and protected.  We trust what is stirring in the soil’s darkness and that our intentions are growing beneath ground during this phase of the Moon.

As this week (and the Moon) waxes toward full, we will gently shift our attention from containment and nurturing to the growth and development of what we seeded at New Moon.   The closer we come to the Full Moon the more we will see those dreams shoot above ground level and into full sunlight (which is the subject of next week’s La Luna post).

After posting the first in this series last week, I had two women share that for the first time in years, this month their menstrual cycle was in alignment with the Moon (meaning they started bleeding during the New Moon and will ovulate during the Full Moon).  I got so excited for them because their physical bodies and creative energies are in total alignment with the wisdom of La Luna.  They will experience in their bodies what I am invoking in my soul.

I personally believe all women are meant to live and embody the wisdom of Nature, especially the Moon.  TreeSisters (as an organization committed to following the wisdom of living systems) believes this as well, which is why we are thrilled to be offering our new course Earthing the Moon.    We want to create a container in which we – together as a sisterhood – can seed and nurture our most authentic and aligned selves in service of Life.

If the idea of following the wisdom of La Luna has captured your imagination, then Earthing the Moon will deepen and expand that journey.  At 2:00 pm EST on Monday, December 1st, we are hosting a free Earthing the Moon telesummit (registration is here)

This free call is perfectly timed to harness the waxing energy of the Moon as it moves toward full (on the 6th).  So if you want to infuse the coming week with the creative energies inherent within our bodies and within Nature, join us on Monday for an intimate and inspiring exploration into what it means to be a woman fully aligned with oneself, the sisterhood, and Nature.


Edveeje is the Director of Operations for TreeSisters.  She lives off-grid on ten acres of raw mountain land in the Mother Forest of Southern Appalachia where she is passionate about the power of place and how our relationship to Nature can infuse, inspire, and call forth, not only our souls, but our part in the Great Turning.   

Earthing the Moon is TreeSisters first, gloriously radical, feminine-nature based on-line course for women. We’re seriously excited about this and want to spread the word far and wide.

It’s a five week deep drop into body based listening and ancient womb lore that is laid out beautifully for you here

This blog is more of the back story of why we’re doing this and how this came to be…

We’ll start with a poem….

‘What if I said Yes?’  - a poem by Clare Dakin (listen here)

What if I said yes to the moon?
What if I let my calendar mind fall quiet and forget -
Let that incessant load of lists get parked
Over there,
by the side of the road
That I used to follow
when I thought I knew who I was
when I thought I knew what I was

What if I fell still enough to hear the tides
The ones that rise and fall me
The ones that deeply inform me
The ones that guide and nourish me
That teach me who I am
When I let myself soften enough
To be carried inside
Carried and watered by the nature that lives me

When I do, will it show when you see me?
When I step out of time, out of line
Back into the full circle
of womankind?
Back into the river of life
That shows me who I am
So that now, I make sense to myself
So that now, I reclaim myself

And so it is
Rediscovered as woman
Amazed, inspired and captivated
Infused by that deeper flow that knows
Making sense to myself as the seasons unfold
I am home
Home on the inside in a life that is mine
Home in a mystery that makes sense to my soul
Back, on the throne of woman

You can read all you want and talk a good talk, but until you actually live into something – fall off the ledge of one reality and into the arms of another – you’ll never really understand what you were hypothesizing about all along.

As many of you know, TreeSisters started with the car crash (listen to that story here) and a voice laying out what I was to do and why. The bit that I didn’t really talk about in that speech was how clearly I was told this:

‘…You have to mobilize the women. Women are the missing piece. Women are the womb carriers and Earth is womb. Feminine wisdom is womb wisdom, is life based, is nature based, only women have forgotten. Womb wisdom is the wisdom of seasons and of cycles – of ebb and flow, of give and take – but humanity has lost contact with that rhythm and takes all the time…..’

…..Feminine consciousness seeks to bring heath and balance to any system so that it can thrive. This system is out of balance. Women need to reinstate feminine consciousness, or it’s over.’

Back then I had no real connection to my womb – or to that message except for a nagging feeling that it was seriously important and that I was utterly ill-equipped. After a life changing workshop with Alexandra Pope and then Earthing the Moon’s teacher Jewels sitting inside the TreeSisters map and informing me that it wasn’t the heart at the center – it was the womb – everything started to fall into place.

TreeSisters has always been about exploring how to elicit a different consciousness among women – one that helps us connect to the true roots of our knowing and power, so that we can bring our gifts forwards collectively on behalf of the trees and all life.

What I wasn’t in touch with then, that I am increasingly in touch with now – is how uniquely wired women are to be nature connected… 
- wired to channel earth energy as part of our intuitive and ecstatic make up -
wired with an internal gateway to creation that is also a constant pathway of personal evolution – wired to be deeply powerful when rooted in our essential nature connected, earthy and sensual state – if we will allow ourselves to remember and to open to who and what we really are.

Jewels and I have created Earthing the Moon – to provide women with an easy, accessible and revelatory gateway through which to rediscover ourselves and some of the exquisite capacities for which we were created. Every woman should know this stuff.

Waking up through the feminine mystery teachings to how much our wombs can literally direct our own spiritual and emotional development was like waking up to the fact that I was a cat, when I’d always thought I was a dog. Life turned on its head – thank God – and I fell into the arms of a reality that finally makes sense of who I am.

Too much of womankind has been denatured by misguided conditioning – and it’s time to re-nature ourselves. Only then can we discover what we are really capable of…

Earthing the Moon offers teachings that are the birthright of every woman.

The free introductory call for Earthing the Moon attracted women from 15 countries, including India, Antartica, Argentina, Australia, Ireland and Mexico.

Listen Below.

The 5 week course runs from Tuesday January 13th – Tuesday February 10th

Find the course content here


We join together weekly to embody and move through five cycles of discovery  as we reintroduce ourselves to the sacred gateways of the womb

 Times USA – Europe 

11am-12.30 PST  /  2pm-3.30pm EST  /  7pm-8.30pm UK / 8pm-9.30pm CET

Each session is recorded and available immediately so you can participate from anywhere in the world at a time that works best for you

The Wisdom of La Luna

New Weekly Post on Following the Wisdom of La Luna by Edveeje Fairchild, Director of Operations

“What is it to be a woman in the 21st Century on the living planet Earth in the Universe as we now understand it?”

This question is the golden chariot that carries me across the arching universe of my life.  Asking it has led me on an unexpected journey both into my own soul-centric depths and outward into the realm of quantum physics.

Most recently I have been exploring the actual universe in which I live and realize we have so many unquestioned daily experiences that do not reflect the reality of our universe.  For instance, we do not look up into the night sky at the Moon.  We are hanging from our feet looking down at the Moon.  The Sun does not rise or set.  Seasons do not come and go. We tilt and rotate.

I live off-grid in a forest nestled in a mountain cove and during the New Moon, the forest is pitch black; to my human eye, there is no Moon.  And yet the Moon is always there even when we don’t see it.  It is just that it “rises and sets” with the Sun.

The more I understand the universe in which I actually live, the more I understand that so many elements within it provide blueprints for the unfolding of our own creative energies.  The universe is both ‘out there’ and the universe is also ‘in here.’

When naturally understood and perceived, the Moon is an exquisite mentor and guide in the unfolding of our own creative feminine energies.  Like a pregnant woman, its major phases are infused with the creative, gestation, and birthing process:

The New Moon is a period of inspiration and heightened intuition that combine to create a psychic container for visioning and dreaming; a time of seeding potential and crafting intentions for the coming month.  The Waxing Half Moon (1st Quarter) is a time of growth that helps develop the visions and dreams seeded at the New Moon.  The Full Moon ushers in a period of manifestation and is a time of gratitude and celebration for what has waxed to fullness and been birthed in the month.  The Waning Half Moon (4th Quarter) ushers in a time of reflection and assessment about where we have been and what we have manifested in our creative wombs; this phase leads naturally to a time of transformation, course correction, and cleansing that prepares the psychic womb for a new month of creativity.

This month as I look up through the thinning forest canopy at a dark night sky during the New Moon, I know she is there just beyond the dark veil and I am asking myself in what ways I can follow the creative energy of the new unfolding lunar month.  What dreams and visions do I want to seed for the next month?  What am I most longing for and how can I more fully align myself with the joy, beauty, and creativity that makes life worth living?

Join me on my weekly journey with the Moon as she guides and informs this next creative month.  Each week I will post my ‘Lunar Log’ experiences, share my questions, and invite us all into a deeper exploration of what it is to be a woman in the 21t Century on the living planet Earth in the Universe as we now understand it.

edveeje1_thumbEdveeje is the Director of Operations for TreeSisters.  She lives off-grid on ten acres of raw mountain land in the Mother Forest of Southern Appalachia where she is passionate about the power of place and how our relationship to Nature can infuse, inspire, and call forth, not only our souls, but our part in the Great Turning.   

All it Will Take…

Guest post by Nicole Schwab, Author of The Heart of the Labyrinth

The Heart of the Labyrinth_cover_front_72

Three years ago, I walked into a gathering of women working on sustainability and sat down on the last empty chair in the room, right next to Clare Dakin. I could never have imagined how deeply my life would henceforth be transformed.

TreeSisters spoke to me immediately. She struck the deepest chords of my being, laying out a vision for how everything I held dear could be brought together into a coherent whole. I suddenly understood how external gender inequities were merely a symptom of our inner downgrading and dismissal of everything feminine. How this had led not only to the abuse and domination of women’s bodies, but equally, to the abuse and domination of our planet, the ultimate source of life.

I also immediately felt that playing safe was no longer an option. It was time to have the courage to be vulnerable. To face and work through our subtle conditioning around what it means to be a woman.

Time to bring a halt to the suppression of our wild creative natures. To honor our deepest longing for connection. To rekindle the embers of the sacred feminine in all its strength and untamable beauty.

And most importantly, it was time to get back down from lofty transcendent realms into our earthy bodies, to feel, and experience a direct connection with all of Life. As painful as it was. As ecstatically liberating.

It has been an amazing journey, spurred on by the courage of so many sisters walking alongside me. I have been challenged, the patterns of the past rising in an attempt to slam things back into their “proper” place. And I have been discouraged, by reading the news or gazing at the real-time global maps of deforestation. And yet, I know that a different future is possible. It will rise from within, through our passion, our sisterhood, our love and care for our sacred world.

The Heart of the Labyrinth is a story I dedicate to all of us on this journey. A tale of longing and coming into wholeness. An impassioned plea for all to look into the scariest depths of our minds, reclaim our connection to the sacred feminine, and consciously craft the world we really want:

“They say that she who has rested in the heart of the Great Labyrinth is forever changed, henceforth walking in the footsteps of the great Priestesses of times long past. They say that she who has courageously followed the tortuous path into the darkest corners of her mind, and found her way out by the light of her inner clarity, brings back the map to the journey of transformation.

They say that when we find ourselves clinging to the illusion of separation, indulging in the fleeting yet tenacious belief that we are not good enough, we may call on Her to compassionately hold us as we cry. She is there to remind us of the perfection of our human imperfection in this dynamic dance called Life, until we become aware of Her grander presence and feel the arms of Gaia holding us in the ultimate embrace of unconditional Love.

And when we doubt the power of our mind, She is there to show us what is at stake, and what is possible. To remind us that we are the masters of our reality. That whatever we focus our thoughts, our words, our feelings and our actions on, we bring into form. That we have the capacity to manifest a beautiful vision of life on Earth, of harmony restored, if we change the field of our collective beliefs and steer our course along the narrow trail leading up into the pure hills.

They say the time may come when Gaia will rise from the sacrificial stone borne of our pain and our confusion, walk towards us and take our hands as we consciously choose a different future.

And all it will take, is for us to change the beliefs we hold.

About who and what we really are.”

With love and blessings.


20140910_5d3_07665-coul2Nicole Schwab is a Swiss social entrepreneur and author of The Heart of the Labyrinth (http://nicoleschwab.com). She has been volunteering part-time for TreeSisters over the last two years, providing support on financial management and the development of the Reforestation Strategy. She will offset the CO2 emissions arising from the production of her books by donating a corresponding part of the proceeds to TreeSisters.


Círculo de Soñadoras is a daring adventure taken by seven women from different parts of the world who have come together to seed, germinate and cultivate women’s dreams in South America. TreeSisters is pleased to highlight their project via this guest blog which explains their vision even as it inspires and invites us all into our deepest dreams for womanhood.

Círculo de Soñadoras: Cultivating the Power of Women’s Dreams


“Some say that the best thing one can do for humanity is to cultivate the power of dreams.”

-Instituto Elos

Dreams are the expression of the best and deepest aspirations in us all. But in some bizarre twist of fate, they are hidden in the deep recesses of our minds, trapped behind fears, perceived constraints, or societal conditioning. For the majority of the beautifully complicated human race, and especially for us women, dreams are sometimes considered as unattainable, beyond the bounds of possibility, even foolish – saved only for the moments of the day (if we allow ourselves to have them) when we need to escape reality and imagine our best of worlds, where the impossible becomes possible.

But what if this world we only experience with our imagination becomes our reality?


The Seed

January 2014, Santos, Brazil – It was a bright, summery day the morning we arrived in Santos. The taxi dropped us off at our new home for the next 32 days, where we were greeted by a sign that read “BEM VINDOS – Welcome: Today we will create the best of worlds starting now. We’re so glad you came!” We found ourselves among 80 unfamiliar faces from different parts of the world: it was our first day at Warriors Without Weapons, a once-in-a-lifetime experience of personal and community transformation, a journey that would take us deep into the land, its people, the communities, and ourselves.

During the Warriors Without Weapons program we were trained in the Elos Philosophy and the Oasis Game: a 7-discipline process, which supports the mobilization of communities to turn their collective dreams into reality in a short period of time. In the first week, we entered into marginalized communities of Santos blindfolded, in a silent exercise to experience the “Appreciative Gaze”, one that sees with the heart – not with judgmental eyes. After three weeks, we were drenched in sweat with paint, soil and cement under our nails, surrounded by men and women joining us in building the dream of their community: playgrounds, community centers and women’s cooperatives.

We did create the best of worlds. And by the end of it all, amongst celebratory hugs and tears, and after witnessing the striking shift in the locals (and in us) when they materialized dreams in just a few days, we arrived to a deep understanding: dreams are the biggest impulse for change.

From this experience Círculo de Soñadoras (Circle of Women Dreamers) was born.


The Flower

Who are we? We are seven women representing 7 different parts of the Earth: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Greece, Lebanon, and Peru. Inspired and transformed by our shared experience in Warriors Without Weapons, and guided by our own personal dream, we embarked on a journey across South America to inspire and embolden women and girls, through cultivating the power of their dreams and aspirations.

Círculo de Soñadoras aims to build a movement of reconnecting to dreams as a vehicle for women’s empowerment. We have realized that hosting time and space for women to share their sueños through stories of inspiration and inter-generational mentorship is key to empowering the next generation of women to shape actionable dreams, build resilience through entrepreneurial skills, and thrive in their communities, wherever they are.

Our team of seven women brings together talents in Art of Hosting, Dragon Dreaming, Dance Therapy, Dances of Universal Peace, Non-violent Communication and Systems-Theory to complement and nurture the aspirations of the women we encounter and to cultivate their creative feminine potential.

Our vision is for women to be dreamers and achievers, tapping into their inner power and realizing their potential, in order to change their environments, their societies, and the world.

Círculo de Soñadoras acts as a dream catalyst – spreading the power of dreams from woman to woman, from community to community, from country to country and from heart to heart. We believe that cultivating the dreams of more soñadoras is a powerful way to build the best of worlds.


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Guest Blog by Marilyn Steele

“We must come to the end

before a new beginning can come to us.”

- Helene Cixous

Sitting in the backyard, I marvel at this unnamed plant, found on the nursery table under a sign: “For Hummingbirds and Bees.” Its narrow, bright-green stem stretches up almost five feet, doing absolutely nothing for the first couple of feet. Or perhaps pruned by the deer. Finally, yesterday, at the very top, a thistle. A round ball maybe two inches across, with spikes sticking out. On either side of the stem, perfectly symmetrical pairs of toothed leaves mirror each other. Today, the thistle has burst into a cascade of pale, peach tubes. Like rows of dreadlocks, they spill over a pair of long, smooth leaves that twirl in the breeze like dancers legs pirouetting. Who could have imagined the mysteries of this plant, that it had such apricot exuberance to express in such adverse conditions?

Twenty years ago, writing my dissertation, I was struggling with the dryness of my excessively intellectual voice. This dream helped to move me in the direction of a deeper intelligence, toward my wild feminine soul and an ecology of self:  

I enter an old, elegant theatre—maybe an auditorium—from the doors at the top, the back. There are tiers of seats covered in a richly textured, deep-rose satin. The floor is slanted at a steep angle to the stage, the ceiling carved alive with ornate gold scrolls. Mother and I are supposed to do a performance together—a duet. I am late, scrambling down the aisle to get to the stage where she stands, impatient, lips pursed, eyes narrowed. She has some papers in her hands—our script, our lines, the score for the music we are to sing. She hands me my copy. I stare at the sheet of music, aware that we will be singing a cappella. I vaguely remember we have sung this music for many, many years. There is a faint scent of memory, of nostalgia, like a familiar childhood hymn or nursery rhyme. We have rehearsed this piece so many times. But to my horror, I no longer understand the music or the lyrics. I cannot remember the tune. The words are all in Latin—the language of the church, the priests, the fathers. They no longer make sense. Mother is perfectly calm and begins to sing, holding out the music for me to see. I stare and stare. The black words and lines of the score slowly pale, dissolving until the paper is a white void. As I concentrate, trying to read what is fading from sight, a faint image begins to rise out of the very texture of the paper, as part of the fabric, its pulp developing slowly like a photograph. Gradually, a dense woods emerges, with large, deep-green trees, lush with leaves. These are very old oaks. One of the trees grows to fill out the entire page to its edges, the pulp and color and shape all in one. This is the new song. How am I going to sing in Tree?

We were singing different songs. I had forgotten the old songs she had taught me, the church had taught me, and now I had to find the new song. Mother was very upset with me in the dream, as she has been in waking life, because I can no longer sing the song of the Fathers or obey the laws of a hierarchy of priests.   Every culture in the world originated in shamanism. When the feminine was part of the worldview, the tree was the Tree of Knowledge, the World Tree, or axis mundi at the center of the earth. Uniting the three realms of heaven, earth, and the underworld, the sacred tree had the power to reveal messages from the gods. As a symbol of the self in the process of becoming, the tree unites the opposites of masculine and feminine, conscious mind and unconscious knowing. It challenges us to undertake the journey of spiritual transformation. We must first understand our connection to the earth and the seasons of our lives, the cycles of the moon and the language of the Mother tongue.


If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees.

—Rainer Maria Rilke

I want to sing a woman’s song, from the womb mysteries of Mother Earth and my true nature. We have been cut off from our roots and the wells of creative transformation, those energies which lie in the mysteries of the dark. All knowledge of the divine begins in nature, which indigenous people remember, which alchemical and Celtic traditions knew. Black Elk, Native American visionary, described many sacred hoops connecting the many peoples of the world. In one vision a single great tree, flowering and beautiful, shelters all the children of the earth. It is time to restore that tree to the world. A tree of dreams, a tree of beauty, a tree of God, a tree of enlightened self.   My dream image of the tree shows us there is no separation between its roots in darkness, its flowering to the sky. No separation from its growing and the paper out of which it emerges, the paper from its own body: a mandala, a symbol of wholeness. The greening power of God.

To restore the world we must re-story the world. Without the salmon, the redwoods die. Without the forests, the earth will die. Trees are the lungs of the earth. They rain upward, keeping the earth moist. A grove of quaking aspen is a single organism that sends out runners, each putting down roots over thousands of acres, sending up shoots of new leaves. We, too, are connected to every living thing. When we truly know that, we will understand the fierce urgency of our decisions to save the trees. The tree is the backbone of the world Goddess. The fruit of the mother tree, the rose apple—wisdom. The rhythms of nature are our own.

The oak is a symbolic doorway to the mysteries, reminding us of the need to make ascents and descents in our evolutionary spiral path to become our truest selves, earthed and rooted in the laws of our own nature. The roots stretch down to the waters of life, the reservoirs of feminine renewal, and the gifts of going down into the dark.   There is a living book of holy wisdom in the dream world, in the world of nature, and in science that teaches us about our interconnection and infinitely creative unfolding.   How to sing in Tree?

Our estrangement from nature, from the laws of our own nature, is healed by honoring our bodies as we honor the land. The way for personal, individual transformation is also the way to cultural transformation. The rediscovery of the heart of joy. I dream:   I walk alone up to the hills above the city. The golden wheel of the sun has turned again, bringing the light of a new dawn. The beekeepers have returned, or rather, the bees have returned, and the dozens of hives are being tended to by beekeepers in their netted hats and gloves. Tending to the queen, to community, to the sweetness of life. I walk along the ridge, a little afraid I’ll be stung but I’m not. The hills are so green below and the forest abundant behind. I take off flying over the valley, the city, exhilarated, fearless.


Steele BioDr. Marilyn Steele is a Jungian psychologist, author, speaker and artist who is passionate about helping women connect to the wild and sacred feminine within, returning feminine power to the world for personal and global transformation. Founder of PrimeTime Revival, she offers mentoring and group programs to women 50+ in life and career transitions. Her memoir The Wild Feminine: Stories to Inspire and Embolden was published in 2013. A second book, The Way of the Wild Feminine: New Story of Self, New Map for the World, is forthcoming. You can learn more about Marilyn at www.thewildfeminine.com


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